Request for Accommodations    Help


This process should be completed a minimum of 5 business days prior to intended use of approved academic adjustments. Please consider the academic adjustments needed in each specific course as not all accommodations may be needed in every course.


1. Click the 'Accommodations' button in the main menu to access and provide your instructors access to your Academic Adjustment/Accommodation Plan. Any additions to the course schedule will require another request for those new courses added.

2. Have an interactive communication with instructors to discuss implementation of accommodations as early as possible. Academic adjustments may not be provided without this discussion with the instructor and some may need to be planned in advance.

3. Many approved adjustments have required procedures and timelines which must be completed in order to use the accommodation. Review your approved accommodation procedures.


4. Contact ODR if you encounter any challenges in requesting your accommodations, implementing the accommodations in the course or require any changes or updates to your Accommodation Plan.


Once submitted, your instructor will receive an email including instructions on how to access your Academic Adjustment/Accommodation Plan by logging into the instructor online module. You can access your Academic Adjustment/Accommodation Plan through the student module. Please save a copy of your Academic Adjustment/Accommodation Plan each semester for future reference since they will not be available after the semester ends.